Supplies used to clean your home

Force Of Nature


Force of Nature is an appliance that turns tap water, salt, and vinegar into a cleaner, deodorizer, and disinfectant as effective as bleach, yet, completely safe for our health and the health of our environment. 

Baking Soda


Baking soda - a product that's found in most homes worldwide. It's useful for safe, non-toxic cleaning around our homes. From cleaning sinks without harsh chemicals to gently & safely removing marks from walls, this product is a keeper here at Thyme & Sage.



Vodka (Grain Alcohol) -this product has been used for centuries for it's disinfecting and cleansing properties. It's preferred as a non-toxic alternative to common disinfectants and rubbing alcohol which is not safely absorbed by our bodies. 

Castile Soap


This vegetable based all natural soap is biodegradable and non-toxic. It can be used safely for both your body and home. It's well known as a must have product for "green cleaning".

Essential Oils


Essential oils are used sparingly in our own cleaning products to enhance the purposes of the solution. Oils such as our staple "Thyme & Sage" have great cleansing, purifying and disinfecting properties. 

EPA Approved Products


Products that has a "SaferChoice" label or listed on the "environmental protection agency" website as approved are the only products used here at Thyme & Sage. 

Products used to clean your home

Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe non-toxic disinfectant and cleaner. It's versatile in the many ways it can be used. From rinsing out your mouth to sanitizing a toilet, this product is a great addition to any household.



White vinegar is one of the most popular green "diy" alternative cleaner of choice. It's acidic nature makes it a safe mild disinfectant. It can also be used as an deodorizer. It's recommended to not use vinegar on granite, natural stone, or hardwood floors, but feel free to clean other areas of your home with this naturally green cleaning product

Fruit Peels


The peels of citrus fruits works wonders for naturally and safely cleaning our homes. The enzymes within the peel is widely know to break down dirt, grease and grime.