About Us


Here's To Health, Happiness, And Clean Homes!

Thyme & Sage Solutions LLC, is a family owned business that's passionate about cleaning and it's relationship to the health and well-being of our clients and the environment.  "Green" isn't just the products we use, but the heart and core of who we are. We specialize in using the natural power of herbs, fruits, electrolyzed vinegar water, and essential oils to clean, sanitize and refresh homes and businesses. There is a healthier natural solution for your every cleaning concern.


Simple. Powerful. Green.

Thyme & Sage Solutions LLC is committed to discovering and using the best "Green" cleaning products around. We refuse to use products with ingredients that our clients are not familiar with. We promote and use "Simple" yet "Powerful" green cleaning products to get the job done effectively and most important - safely. 


Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

What sets us apart from other "Green" cleaning company's? Thyme & Sage Solutions LLC is unique in that we don't want to be another "Green" cleaning company. We want to be "The" green cleaning company of choice! We put our hearts into the cleaning products we make and research heavily the green products we buy. It's our mission to put our clients first, not our pockets. We are committed to providing you with best cleaning experience possible.